New month, new releases. Let’s go

What’s New?

General Feature

Preview screen added

  • User can now preview the document before signing or sending it, allowing user to check the layout, formatting, and placement of all the fields.
  • Improved user experience by displaying the selected placefields for the selected signer in a preview screen.

Radio button new Placefield

  • Now, user can conveniently add new placefield using radio buttons, simplifying the signing process for everyone.
  • This new feature ensures all the placefields are clearly defined and organized, leading to a more streamlined signing experience.

Signature format screen shows all signatures including uploaded image signature

  • User can choose from their previously uploaded signatures for a more consistent and personalized signing experience.

Upload documents within workspace

  • Upload and store documents directly within the workspace. Access and actions (view, edit, etc.) on these documents depend on the individual’s role within the team.
  • This feature keeps everything organized and easily accessible, making the signing process more efficient.

Mobile App available on google play store and apple app store.


  • Experience sharper, clearer signatures for a professional look.
  • Enjoy smoother interactions and more intuitive navigation.
  • Effortlessly arrange placefields within page or across pages.
  • Ensure every signer adds at least one signature or stamp to required placefield.
  • Logged-in user can no longer be the first approver, promoting flexibility in your signing workflow.
  • When removing a signer, their associated placefields are automatically deleted for a clean setup.