New month, new releases. Let’s go

What’s New?

New features

  • Checkbox New place field : Transform your document signing experience with our latest feature! Seamlessly integrate checkboxes into your documents, empowering users to select options, provide feedback, and streamline workflows with ease
  • Business Name : A convenient new feature that enhances workspace organization and clarity for our valued customers! Now, you can easily identify the origin of each workspace by adding a business name. This simple yet powerful addition allows for seamless categorization and helps you stay organized, ensuring that you can quickly locate and manage workspaces associated with different businesses.


  • Allow to create 3 workspace instead of 1 in standard plan : We’re pleased to announce an update to our standard plan! As part of our commitment to providing greater value to our customers, we’ve increased the number of workspaces available in the standard plan from 1 to 3. Now, you can create up to 3 workspaces to better organize your documents and streamline your workflow.
  • Responsive wizard implementation : wizard interface is now fully responsive! With this latest enhancement, navigating through our platform becomes even more seamless across different devices and screen sizes. Enjoy a consistent and optimized user experience whether you’re accessing our platform from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Replace place field with images : we’ve replaced traditional place fields with images, offering enhanced clarity and visual appeal.